Moving the United States toward a 100% clean energy economy

The Problem with Carbon Emissions

Science shows that climate impacts are consistently getting worse: carbon pollution is heating the planet, and we are approaching a tipping point. We already experience the effects of carbon pollution everyday: air pollution from wildfires impacting public health, heat waves straining electric grids and leaving thousands without power, and a warming ocean that is fueling extreme weather events. There is no time to waste – we need to move Beyond Carbon.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has long been at the forefront of the U.S. fight to end coal and accelerate the transition to clean energy. Now, we’re investing even more to transform the way we power America, moving off of fossil fuels and to clean energy. As we continue to push the energy industry away from coal, we will continue to support ongoing climate leadership from business leaders and elected officials at the state and local level. Combined with innovative, economically competitive clean energy technologies, we are setting the stage for the U.S. to move beyond carbon.

Moving Beyond Carbon

In 2019, building on the Beyond Coal campaign’s success, we launched Beyond Carbon to retire all remaining U.S. coal plants by 2030, block proposed gas plants, and support states and climate leaders to pass strong clean energy policies. 

In 2022 alone, through grassroots pressure, litigation, advocacy, and other strategies, Beyond Carbon secured the retirements of 17 coal plants, blocked 34 new gas plants, and helped three states pass 100% clean energy or net-zero emissions policies. In the decade between 2010 and 2020, this work delivered more than 80% of all the progress the United States made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

But the job is far from finished. 

Building on the recent success of the Inflation Reduction Act, Mike Bloomberg is doubling down on his commitment to advance the clean energy transition and move the U.S. towards a 100% clean energy economy with a new investment of $500 million. In this next phase of Beyond Carbon, we will continue the momentum that states, cities, and businesses have made and shut the door on fossil fuels.

It’s time to get more ambitious – it’s time to move Beyond Carbon.

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How We Get There

To ensure the U.S. stays on track to meet our global climate commitments, the Beyond Carbon campaign has raised its ambition. By 2030, we will:

  • Cut existing gas use in half and block all new gas plants.

  • Finish the job on coal. Continuing the legacy of Beyond Coal and the initial Beyond Carbon campaign, this next phase will shut down every last U.S. coal plant. 

  • Increase U.S. clean energy. Accelerate the clean energy transition to reach the goal of 80% of total electricity generation.




Our Progress So Far

Since launching Beyond Coal in 2011 and the first iteration of Beyond Carbon 2019, we have made a major impact both domestically and internationally. Learn more about our legacy.