Beyond Carbon Statement on President Trump’s Reassertion of His Plans to Withdraw U.S. from the Paris Agreement

By Brynne Craig
October 23, 2019

Today, Brynne Craig, campaign manager for Beyond Carbon — the largest-ever coordinated campaign to fight climate change in the United States — issued the following statement on President Trump’s reassertion of his plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement:

“Today’s announcement is further evidence of the Trump Administration’s deliberate failure to safeguard the wellbeing and prosperity of the American people from the disastrous impacts that will follow an unchecked climate crisis. In this moment we turn again to our true leaders — individuals and elected officials across the U.S. who are working every day to combat this crisis. Across the country cities, states, and businesses aren’t waiting to take action to completely phase out fossil fuels and accelerate the transition to clean energy, ensuring a safer, healthier, and sustainable future for our country.

“Today is yet another reminder that it’s more important than ever to elect climate champions up and down the ballot. The most immediately effective action we can take to combat the climate crisis is simple: vote. Beyond Carbon is committed to ensuring officials at all levels of government in cities and states across the U.S. are taking action on the climate crisis, or facing the music on Election Day.”


About Beyond Carbon:
Beyond Carbon is the largest coordinated effort to tackle the climate crisis ever undertaken in the United States. Designed to accelerate climate action in U.S. states, cities, and organizations using proven advocacy, legal, and electoral strategies, Beyond Carbon is working to move the U.S. fully off of fossil fuels and drive progress in the clean energy transition by eliminating coal, slowing the rush to gas, and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy across the country. By advocating for the passage of clean energy policies, electing climate-forward representatives at the state and local levels, and providing critical support to the grassroots climate movement, Beyond Carbon is ensuring the United States continues to make progress on the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. For more information, visit