Beyond Carbon Statement on U.S. Insurer Chubb’s Decision to Ban Coverage for Coal

By Beyond Carbon Spokesperson
July 1, 2019

“Chubb’s decision to end its coverage of coal companies is a crucial milestone for not only the U.S. insurance market, but global efforts to transition off of coal. Chubb’s action reinforces why businesses are shifting their strategy to reflect a new clean energy landscape: because it’s safer, cheaper, and more reliable for customers. Investing in coal is bad for the climate, bad for public health, and— given the cost of the disastrous externalities associated with the deadly fuel source— increasingly untenable for businesses, as Chubb reminds us today.

“Any CEO in this day and age who doesn’t plan for the changing climate would be fired – because businesses have to look ahead for the future. And the future is moving Beyond Carbon.”


About Beyond Carbon:
Beyond Carbon is the largest coordinated effort to tackle the climate crisis ever undertaken in the United States. Designed to accelerate climate action in U.S. states, cities, and organizations using proven advocacy, legal, and electoral strategies, Beyond Carbon is working to move the U.S. fully off of fossil fuels and drive progress in the clean energy transition by eliminating coal, slowing the rush to gas, and accelerating the adoption and of renewable energy across the country. By advocating for the passage of clean energy policies, electing climate-forward representatives at the state and local levels, and providing critical support to the grassroots climate movement, Beyond Carbon is ensuring the United States continues to make progress on the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement. For more information, visit